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At the heart of 最新麻豆视频 are our community and our culture.

This has led to strong ties with the school鈥檚 alumni who play an integral role in keeping the school鈥檚 spirit alive and assisting in the development of our opportunities and assets.

最新麻豆视频 is pleased to keep in touch with our alumni and always glad to reconnect with our former students and teachers.

At this stage Alumni Reunions will be postponed until further notice. We will update the community soon on our plans in this space.


We are currently reviewing how we connect with and develop our Alumni Community.

If you would like for us to keep in touch with you, please update your details via the buttons below.

Editorial profiles, event panellists and Alumni Awards

We’re looking for alumni to inspire our current students by sharing their story and by profiling different careers and achievements. If you would like to be a part of this initiative, please submit your details and we’ll be in touch.

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We all hope to lead lives of meaning and purpose and to be remembered for the values we upheld and the positive impact we made on the lives of others. Coorah, the heart of 最新麻豆视频, was itself an extraordinarily generous bequest left in the hope of improving the lives of future generations of children. If 最新麻豆视频 has had a lasting impact in your life and that of your family, you too can leave a lasting legacy that will help the School to continue its long tradition of growing men and women of hope, purpose and courage.

Want to Contribute?

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To discuss your legacy, please contact us today.